The idea-snake

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

This week’s playlist:

Couldn’t Get It Right – Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Cold Hands – Suede
Belmont – Kyle Craft
Flesh N’ Bones – Echobelly
Saint Is A Sinner – Slash
In Reverse – The War on Drugs


Yesterday I had an idea.

I’ve had perhaps two creative ideas since the high summer day when I finished writing the first draft of the final Winterhill book and breathed a sigh of relief that it was all over and I was done with writing.

I didn’t want to have the idea. I was looking for a spare charger. I was busy.

But. Something silvery slithered into my mind and hissed:

“What if this character were to get this job?’


“They could do anything.”

I pondered. A new series of books was unfolding, in front of my eyes.

“How would I make this different? How would it be fresh and different from what I’ve done before?”

The idea-snake coiled, and looked at me mercilessly through slitted eyes. “You tell that sort of a story.”

Oh. Ah. Damn.

Within ten minutes I’d started to flesh out half the characters, and unlocked the climactic scenes.

The idea slid away, nonchalantly, its work done.

So, am I going to write it? Am I going to write about the Sparrow?

We’ll see.


Anyway, my advice to you this week is to buy/download/stream the new Suede album The Blue Hour, and Echobelly’s 2017 Anarchy and Alchemy.

And read something great, why don’t you?


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