Shameless Padding

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

This week’s playlist:

Mary Jane Holland – Lady Gaga
God Bless America – Lana Del Rey
Rise of the Fall – Faith No More
Ship to Wreck – Florence and the Machine
Dead Bird – Suede

What a week. I was taken to the very edge of what my nerves can handle with the last episode of The Bodyguard, even if that scene went on for far too long and was ultimately nothing but shameless padding. There’s talk of a series two for the BBC drama, but I think the Jack Bauer credibility problem hangs over our heroic PPO David Budd – no-one in a position of power is going to let Budd anywhere near anything more important than the traffic division ever again. Not even for five minutes. Especially with a handgun.

Next up my emotions were taken to the very edge of what they can handle by the children’s picture book The Sea Saw by Tom Percival which is for some reason harrowing beyond all measure. It hits the shops in January and oh my god it’s a tear-jerker. I also finished Bob Woodward’s excellent Fear: Trump in the White House, but the predominant emotional response to that particular book is a sort of weary, bone-deep anger at what’s happening in the world. It sometimes feels like UK and US politics are in a desperate race to the very bottom of a distinctly nasty barrel of bodily waste. Well, I say “sometimes”, but in the UK at least I mean “for the last eight years.”

It’s rapidly becoming autumn now, despite the odd sunny day here and there. The days are getting shorter so there’s less time to get anything done, or at least that’s what I’m finding. It will soon be time to line my cardboard box with straw and retreat to a corner of the attic for six months. Mentally it can of course be argued that I’m already there.

Still – it’s not all bad. At least Doctor Who‘s back next weekend. Very little (eff all) is known about the new series, or what Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is going to be like, but apparently there are no returning monsters or foes, so it’ll be a series of innovation, originality and freshness. Which is a welcome prospect for a TV show which is now fifty-five years old. It’s worth saying, I suppose, that if you like the idea of a sci-fi adventure serial with a female lead, you might enjoy :mumble mumble: Winterhill :cough:

Whatever you end up reading, watching or listening to, I hope you have a fantastic week.

Lots of love, Iain

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