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Sunday, May 6th, 2018

‘I don’t think the Slider is faulty, or untested. I’m open to the possibility of some slight calibration work being required, however.’
     The Professor stepped back inside the craft. ‘And I’m very open to drinking a nice cold beer while I watch you do that, whatever it is.’ The door of the craft closed in response to sensors registering a casual wave of his hand.
     Winterhill gazed up at him. ‘I’m not sure the mini-bar is extensively stocked.’
     The Professor peered down at her, observing her expression carefully. ‘There isn’t a mini-bar, is there?’
     ‘No,’ she said, slowly and cautiously.
     The Professor didn’t blink. ‘Can we install one?’

Some men get jilted at the altar. Other men get gunned down in a hail of bullets.

The Professor has turned his back on life as a mob-boss on the blood-soaked streets of Minerva, and walked out on the Taliferos, the only family he’s ever known. How better to evade their murderous retribution and come to terms with devastating heart-break than by hooking up with an itinerant planet-hopping flâneuse and visiting the wonders of the twelve galaxies mankind has colonized?

In the Cobalt House on Theria, the President of the Human Race prepares to leave office, as the peoples of the diaspora vote for a new Commander-in-Chief. The choice is stark: a weak but well-meaning Democrat candidate, or the widely despised and ultra conservative former CEO of UbiCorp, whose policy on dealing with other species involves building huge border walls in space to keep them out.

All across the Twelve Galaxies, terrible events are unfolding as time runs out. UbiCorp’s secret planet hides a terrible secret. A catastrophe in the Pipeline network leaves a train filled with corpses. A mysterious freighter is on a terrifying collision course with Theria. An ancient religion unleashes a deadly attack on the peaceful world of M’oth, and back on Minerva it seems only a desperate strategy can prevent all-out war between the criminal armies of the Five Families.

Events are spiralling out of control, and not even the shadowy Tick-Tock Man can hope to control events while maintaining his frantic search for the object of his obsession – the woman who might hold the key to everything.

Because time is running out for him, too..

This sixth book in the Winterhill saga contains nine all-new adventures set in the twenty-fifth century. Pre-order now. Publishes 01.06.2018

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