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Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Welcome to 2019.

I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year. Phew. We made it. This new one looks interesting. I’m sure it’ll be great. You know, if we can somehow avoid Brexit.

The most important thing to tell you about, though, is (drumroll!) that the final book in the Winterhill series will be published later in the year. Definitely. I promise. It’s written, the cover design has been briefed, my hawk-eyed beta-reader has signed off on the manuscript and if I can stop rewatching the car-crash, jaw-drop carnival of prima-donna psychosis that is the Bros documentary over and over again, I’m sure it will all come together over the next few months. I won’t give anything away at this point, but let’s just say… this is the ending you’ve been hoping and waiting for.

Also, last year’s sixth book, Dead Men Walking, is now only £1.99 on the Amazons (insert international equivalent prices here, I can’t be arsed). That’s a bargain. You just need a device with the Kindle app on it. Or, of course, a Kindle.

Not being one to rest on my laurels, I’m hard at work (yeah, right) dreaming up the next project. Or to be more accurate, I’m steadily building up the scene breakdown. It’s coming along really well. But… that’s a novel, and a new (ish) character to talk about another day. But, if you want a sneak-peek of what the future is going to look like, then let me direct you to the story The Walk in Dead Men Walking.

Stay tuned for more news nearer the time, be well, and leap gaily and with love, into our new and exciting year. 

Love, Iain Xx

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