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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

I’m just back from Negumbo in Sri Lanka where in between writing some pretty explosive scenes for the finale of my next book, (on a beach, via wifi: THE FUTURE IS HERE) I met lots of new friends, almost all of whom had four legs.

IMG_0791Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary is near Kegalle, and it’s a beautiful place where you can feed, bathe and ride the beautiful and placid elephants being cared for by the amazing souls who work here. Brian “Gordon’s Alive” Blessed has been to Pinnawala, his photo is still on display in the information area, so it must be good. This sanctuary was founded in 1975 to protect the weakened orphaned elephants found in the wild. This is an amazing place to visit, and it’s really special to get up close and personal with two tonnes of wrinkled grey flesh, as Jack Nicholson’s latest squeeze will tell you. You can read about it here, and you can follow them on twitter: @mefsrilanka

Another common problem in Sri Lanka is abandoned dogs. Back in 2003 the Hope Foundation was formed by restauranteur (and Lords is a very, very good restaurant)┬áMartin Fullerton after discovering a stray with pups in the shell of the building which became Lords. The beaches are full of very lonely, hungry but friendly little doggies and The Hope Foundation‘s regular adoption days try to find new homes for these sweet little guys and girls.

Initially I was tempted to make some sort of book-related gesture (donating 5p from each Winterhill book sale to these charities) but the truth is these places both need regular and steady donations, so if you can, please help out. I can do better┬áthan sending them a few pounds a month, but of course if you did buy a Winterhill book you would be contributing to these charities indirectly. Which would be nice, wouldn’t it?

So what’s occurred in the scenes I wrote this week? Well, series three is categorically and definitely finished now. And so is the story of at least one of the regular characters. You have around two months to read series one and two before we publish series three.

There will be no elephants in series three. Series four, however, is another matter….

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