Handsome, right?By day, an International Man of Mystery for a major publisher, by evening a writer, Lush soap aficionado, runner and remorseless podcast addict.¬†I’ve also been a contributor to some BBC comedy shows, a magazine columnist, book-reviewer, radio presenter and freelance writer.¬†Between 2013 and 2018 I wrote the Winterhill series of science-fiction adventures, seven books telling the story of Rebecca Winterhill and her quest to find her true place in the Twelve Galaxies of human-space. The Winterhill books are comprised of episodic adventures (rather than traditional novels) and many people have said many nice things about them. The seventh book in the series will be published in 2019, along with two titles from Who Dares Publishing in which I have a couple of essays.

I am currently working on a very exciting new project. It involves a sparrow and a hound.