I was born in Colchester, and have lived in Canterbury, Dubai, and West London, where I currently exist alongside a young lady called Florence who likes punching me in the face and miaowing a lot. I like running because it’s a lot like writing: it’s very solitary pursuit, I go a bit funny if I can’t do it regularly, and it all helps build stamina.

Between 2013 and 2018 I wrote the Winterhill series of science-fiction adventures, seven books telling the story of Rebecca Winterhill and her quest to find her true place in the Twelve Galaxies of human-space. The Winterhill books are comprised of episodic adventures (rather than traditional novels) which read like TV box-sets. Many people have said many nice things about them.

As a bookseller I have worked for Ottakar’s, Waterstones, Magrudy in Dubai, as buyer for the Virgin Megastores chain across the Middle East and North Africa, and then I moved into publishing. Now I cross the globe meeting with booksellers and eating lots of hummus.

I┬ácan also be heard from time to time on The Doctor Who Show podcast to which I contribute the hilarious (it says here) A – Z of Doctor Who in which I regularly recycle my three jokes and two impressions to increasingly diminishing returns. I also write comedy for Robots on the Radar and have, in the past, also contributed material for various shows on every national BBC Radio station except Radio 3 (I’m not a classical musician) and Radio 5 (I know sod-all about football).

I am currently working on a new idea which I’ll probably tell you all about at some point.